July 22nd, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

first, the books

A couple of days ago, I finished The Shiva Option by David Weber and Steve White; the book was interesting but obviously left open-ended; I expect that they are planning a sequel. I'm afraid that this space opera got boring in the long, long lists of casualties. I'm not sure it's worth picking up unless you find it at a used bookstore....

Today, I finished Lone Wolf and Cub #14: Day of the Demons; still keeps my interest, showing new aspects of life in the period...

Yesterday, I surprised myself by picking up a comic, Star Wars Jedi: Jedi Yoda, and reading it. It was beautifully done, and sad. However, I don't see myself collecting anymore Star Wars-related comics, as Episodes 1 & 2 haven't struck a chord with me, the way Episodes 4 - 6 did.

Netflix has given me the opportunity to watch another episode of Band of Brothers, which I enjoyed. It dealt with Operation Market Garden, and the part played by Easy Company during the air assault. Following that, I watched Basic, basic mind candy, not worth renting or buying, but in the Netflix format...why not?

forestcats and I were invited to have a vegetarian meal at archangelus's place. The food was very tasty, and the company good. Looks like we'll be back there again sometime soon!

The puppy, brushette is growing in leaps and bounds, and is beginning to get an idea of what her boundaries are. She's also getting instruction in behavior by our Australian Shepherd, Sirius...vigorously. Can't wait to see the upcoming doggy post...
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