July 24th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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Much watching of DVDs the last couple of nights.

Started out with watching Daria: Is it College Yet?, which has an unbelieveably classic line in it that I have to foist upon My Sister The Artist. Those interested can ask me later. I've enjoyed both of these animated films; go hunt them down.

More of the Northern Exposure Season One has been viewed; I think that there is only one more episode in the collection that I've never seen before; two episodes total remain. I found out yesterday that Season Two will be released 11/2/04, which is very cool. (While we're at it, the collected Babylon 5 movies will be released 8/17/04...yippee!) forestcats has gotten the first disc of I, Claudius from Netflix, but we haven't yet sat down to watch. I never saw the series on PBS when it ran in the 70s... Last night, forestcats was tied up on the computer, so I watched Casino Royale which was a spoof of the first four or so James Bond movies. Cool music, splashy sets, great cast. Odd movie, though.