July 29th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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We've discovered that the listed birthdate for lunafox16 remains incorrect. I figure, if I keep whining about it, she'll finally fix it.

A couple of my LJ friends have birthdays today, but I've posted greetings already, and I'm not going to embarass them further.

Finished a comic yesterday, called The Witching #2, still more buildup, but as a Vertigo Comic, I'm willing to give it more time to get exciting. Or interesting. Or whatever.

Wedding this weekend, so I may not have time to post much. I'll talk about it all later.

Oh, and thanks, lunafox16 for dropping by. It was nice to sit down and chat.
baby Mouser

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Managed to finish another graphic novel. This one is called Apocalypse Meow Volume 1. Now, I've read Usagi Yojimbo for a lot of years, and I'm used to rabbits being warriors, but AM gives each nationality a different breed of mammal. Russians = bears, Chinese = pandas, Vietnamese = cats, French = pigs, Japanese = chimps, Americans = rabbits. I wonder about the intended symbolism. I thought that the artwork was excellent, and the storylines were pretty good, so I'm looking forward to the next release.

Last night, I watched a bit of a movie with forestcats before I went up to pack and get some sleep. I don't recall the name of the film (I suspect forestcats'll post a response to name it), but it was French, with English subtitles, and cute, more or less. Not my typical cup of tea, but I would have watched more if I hadn't had to finish packing and needed to be up relatively early the next morning.
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