August 2nd, 2004

Columbia launch

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The books:

First off, while in Las Vegas, I finished Samurai Executioner Volume 1 a newly released manga done by the same folks who gave us Lone Wolf and Cub. It was interesting in a different way than the latter, but the artwork is essentially the same.

Then, I finished Jimmy the Hand by Raymond Feist and Steve Stirling. This is another book set in Feist's fantasy universe in which he's lately been sharing the work. This book had its moments; not as good as some others that Feist has set in the world, but it had some thoughts that I might manipulate into a game environment for my Rolemaster campaign. Note: this novel is not yet available in the US; I ordered it via when it became available as a pb.

While I was in LV, I poked around a comic shop, and found a preview of an upcoming comic called 303. I'm a bit intrigued; I'm going to consider following the storyline.

We went to a wedding in LV over the weekend; shared a timeshare with several friends including some on LJ who, I'm sure, will discuss the weekend. We spent some time with my friend, Steve, who I've known since 8th grade; he, his boys, and his wife seemed very pleased to see forestcats and I. We ate at a surprisingly good Irish pub called Fado in Green Valley; I urge you to try their Corned Beef and Cabbage. The next day we had lunch at Delmonico's, an Emeril restaurant, which we shared with Randy, Rory, and forestcats parents. That evening was the wedding, then back home Sunday. There's more to tell, but "What happens in Las Vegas, stays there".
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