August 6th, 2004

cartoon me

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first, get the book out of the way:

Read the new graphic novel Lucifer Book 6: Mansions of the Silence, which I found generally pretty amusing. It isn't the quality I came to expect from The Sandman, but it's close enough.

Followed that up by reading Lucifer #42, the comic. I have some catching up to do there, as it's up to 52; I may not have time to really do that until next week, but I'll see. The series remains at least curious to read.

In the restful silence engendered by the exit of the teen who's been summering at our house, forestcats and I watched two more episodes of I, Claudius from the NetFlix DVD. Very interesting, and we recognized the ST:TNG Captain as a flunky...and he even had hair! I didn't mention spending several hours with our out-of-town guests watching a number of episodes of Six Feet Under from the first season DVD set....I guess I'll have to finish that up, soon.
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