August 8th, 2004

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Finished Lucifers #45 - 49. Still keeping me interested.

Dungeonmaster last night was very amusing. The party and its mission were both evil, and, oddly enough, successful. Lovely.
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First, the book:

Finished Outposts: Journeys to the Surviving Relics of the British Empire by Simon Winchester; this was an interesting read for a fellow who gets a kick out of stamp collecting, preferably those items from the British Empire. Cool material here. Some interesting tidbits about the various remaining possessions; the author was actually on the Falkland Islands when the Argentinian forces arrived to invade. I'm sufficiently impressed to add his works to my future reading lists.

Also actually managed to finish up the Lucifer comics, up to the present issue #52. Very interesting work, these, using various immortals from all throughout the world's mythologies. I intend to continue reading them.
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Columbia launch

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Those of you who've read me before probably am aware that I have a very low opinion of Star Trek books. I now only buy them when I find them at used book stores. They just aren't worth the money. They may not be worth the time, either; however, while I was in Las Vegas, I found a pile of them cheaply at a used bookstore (Albion at Desert Inn and Eastern, for those interested).

Two Voyager novels: Homecoming, and The Farthest Shore. Yawn.

One Frontier novel: Gods Above. More yawning, an occasional scratch.

Two Lost Era novels: Serpents Among the Ruins, and Deny Thy Father; I'll admit that the latter one made me want to go and see Star Trek: The Next Generation, and due to the wonder that is NetFlix, I will.

Not quite the joy I recall it being, twenty years ago...
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