August 17th, 2004


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So much to write about, so little energy. I'm on an ER duty tonight, covering for a fellow who's had a death in the family; worked at my office from 11AM - 8PM, and then reported to the ER to cover from Midnight to 8AM. Energy is ebbing at this time.

Last weekend was busy. Friday night we hosted axelicious and Liz at our house, as forestcats and I were going to take them to the Laguna Arts Festival Pageant of the Masters, which neither of them had experienced previously. I had to work, and met them down there in Laguna Beach. I persuaded them to dessert while I got a bowl of Lobster Bisque, and some appetizer for a dinner. Rather good, both, at a restaurant called Cie L'Vie, I think. The Pageant wasn't nearly as good as I recalled it; I didn't much appreciate their attempts to add Hollywood values to the show, but our guests enjoyed it, so it was overall a good time.

When we got home, trouble started. brushette, our new beagle puppy, had gotten into the bowl of chocolates, and was heavily hyperactive. Luckily, she didn't eat a fatal dose of the material, as the bowl had some of the new Dark Chocolate Hershey's Kisses, which contain over three times the amount of theobromine that the Milk Chocolate do. It was close, as her heart was racing. The next day, diarrhea occured, as expected. We had a message from ladyarcana55; she'd burned her leg (she's posted about it on her own LJ, look for the story there). I stayed up late waiting for her to come and get examined and treated; I sent them off to Savon for Silvadene and Keflex; they brought us back beer (to which I'm allergic, which is why we don't keep it onhand to dose a frenetic beagle), and that allowed the puppy to sleep.

Sunday...I gave up on reading A Son of War, which just didn't strike me. I'm sorry, mrsmartian. I've started reading the next book you sent, though, and I look forward to it with great glee. I will pass it on to forestcats, though. She's expressed an interest in reading it.

We went to a minor league (California League) baseball game: the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes versus the Lake Elsinore Storm, being invited by our new friends, the Weinsteins. It opened with us unaware of the meeting time, so we were very early, but the Weinsteins were very gracious, and we sat and chatted for some time. Then, Elst offered us fresh herbs cut from his garden, a gift which we accepted. It's wonderful what lovely scents will fill an auto cab when you have a ziplock of herbs in a Southern California summer. As folks gathered for the BBQ and game, Elst broke out homemade pickles (yum!), and then off we went.

The Quakes offered us an All-You-Can-Eat BBQ, with hot dogs, hamburgers, and a good selection of trimmings. Then, the game went to 10 innings, with the Quakes victorious, 3-2. I've never been to a minor league game before; it was pleasant, though the quality of play isn't nearly as high as at a major league game. We finished the evening with a gelato at a small, family-run business only a few blocks from my medical offices. I may need to pick up a quart or two for the freezer at work....

I still find myself irritated at the Olympics coverage on NBC. I have to admit, though, that I have yet to check out how the coverage is on the alternate networks, such as Bravo, that are owned by NBC; do they do anything different, or is it more of the same things that are pissing me off? I'll have to see.

I have just over an hour to go....then home and SLEEP...
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