August 18th, 2004

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The book:

Finished A Tapestry of Murders: The Lawyer's Tale of Mystery and Murder as He Goes on a Pilgrimage from London to Canterbury by P. C. Doherty. I'm finding this author's works fairly easy reads with a good insight into the period of which he's writing. Lovely stuff. On to the next one!

Yesterday, I was zombified. forestcats hosted a young lady named Spencer who did some horseback riding with her, while I dragged my sorry carcass out to CostCo to buy some goods, including the new Babylon 5 movie DVD collection; it contains all 5 of the B5 TV movies. Now, to wait for the Crusade release.

Lately, I've been watching the first season ST:TNG episodes. When the show ran, I didn't have, and didn't want, a TV set. Thus far, these episodes aren't anything much to get excited over, but I understand that the series took a year or so to really get rolling. Watched the episodes on disc 4 of the DVD release, and sent it back to Netflix for recycling.

Can't wait for Dungeonmaster this should be a blast.
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