August 19th, 2004

Columbia launch

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Once again, we start with a book:

I finished Lone Wolf and Cub #15: Brothers of the Grass last night; again, I enjoyed it. No wonder these books are easily available, as such things go.

I also have read a couple of comics. Managed over the last couple of weeks to get into the garage and get a feel for what comics I missed in the Books of Magic, and The Dreaming series. So, I found a missed book, Books of Magic #24, which I hadn't realized that I'd missed; it fills in a bit of a gap. I also read Lucifer #53, keeping up with the interesting storyline.

forestcats and I watched two more episodes of I, Claudius; we're into Claudius' reign now. One of the actresses, who plays C's wife, reminds us (physically) of the wife of one of my acquaintances ... ooooooooooooooo. Looking forward to finishing this series; it's been fascinating, and it gives me impetus to listen to the Portable Professor series of CDs that I got from Barnes & Noble about the Roman Empire...

I'll be oncall again starting tomorrow, and I think that I'm oncall through the remainder of the month. Wish me luck.
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Dead Dog Cat

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One thing from the weekend that I forgot to mention deserves a moment here.

Folks have a tendency to forget former celebrities fairly quickly. There's always a new person coming down the pike who catches the public eye.

Some celebrities are classics. They still bring to mind their best moments. Among these might be Laurel & Hardy. Errol Flynn. Humphrey Bogart.

For certain reasons, the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes stadium, known as the Epicenter, has a statue in its main entryway. It's bronze, and it shows a bespectacled man with his right arm across his chest, holding up the left arm, with which he, with index finger upraised, is cupping his jaw.

Let me add that the street to the east is Rochester. The street to the south is Jack Benny.

The Epicenter is at the intersection of Rochester and Jack Benny. In the town of Cucamonga.

One of Benny's oldest bits has him mentioning Cucamonga; it was grabbed by Bugs Bunny, in one of those bits that the animators used to play with the celebrities of the time by imitating them; funny to the folks of the period who recognized it for what it was, but unknown to the kids of this age.

I don't know how to express this exactly, but I was very touched by this indication of a city that remembers. Without Benny, and Bunny, Cucamonga could easily have been absorbed into Ontario, or other locales out this way. Due to the recognition, the town's name lives on in the term Rancho Cucamonga that the amalgamation of three unincorporated towns (Alta Loma, Cucamonga, and Etiwanda) chose for themselves. And so, this large local edifice has a statue of Jack Benny.

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