August 22nd, 2004

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So, I'm thinking in the shower this morning. I mean, what else is there to do in the shower? Fixate on dirt? Sing? Drown a chicken?

Anyway, I'm thinking. And I suddenly connect several things. I have been reading Terry Jones' Medieval Lives, and one thing had stuck in my head overnight. One chapter deals specifically with Outlaws. How strange, I'd thought. However, Jones makes a statement early on in the chapter that the English system required outlaws...

Now, I'm not even done with that chapter, as Dungeonmaster took up my evening pretty completely, and I'm off working the hospitals at the moment. But when I was showering, I suddenly realized that the good man made outlaw is a huge archetype in literature. For example, Robin Hood is easy, but Lone Wolf and Cub fits this to a T; and while I mused on this, I recalled the 60s horse opera on TV, called Branded. Here we have honorable men, driven out of normal society, each doing what they feel they must to improve things around them.


I suppose that this is not a deep, great thought, but what does one expect from a quick shower, eh?
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