September 1st, 2004

Columbia launch

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First, a couple of books:

I've been reading some manga-style books that I'm less than happy with. The two so far are called Luftwaffe 1946 Pocket Manga #s 1 & 2. The author/artist does a fantastic job drawing various military aircraft, and some from his own imagination, and if that were as far as he took it, that'd be great. However, he's also writing this storyline in which the Germans weren't defeated in 1945 during WWII, and what took place thereafter. The major problem is that his general audience has no clue what really happened, and he has to spend enormous amounts of time in the booklets describing the reality and where his story differs. It detracts from the storyline far too much, leaving him far too little space to devote to his own tale. I mostly read this now to enjoy the artwork of the aircraft. Such a pity. They just aren't quite bad enough to dump.

I'm still sick with bronchitis, though it seems that I'm finally starting to shake it off. Sat home yesterday, and watched the first Harry Potter film, then discovered that we apparently lent out the second, and it hasn't been returned yet. Grumble. Netflix sent us Starship Troopers 2, so I watched it. Ick. I mean, bigtime, ick. It sucked so badly that it went straight to video. The movie also carried on the internal loathing of the Federation system from the first movie, which wasn't Heinlein's original intent from all that I recall of what I've heard about it. Ah, well, don't lose sleep over it, if you don't see this film.

Hopefully my voice will return soon, as I need to use it for my business, constantly.
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