September 9th, 2004

Mr. Princess

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It's been several days since I've had time to sit down and do any significant posting, so I thought I'd do a bit now.

Now where did I leave off???

Dungeonmaster was a really good show, and it was a pleasure seeing things click. For those who missed it, too bad, you "shoulda bin dere".

Watched some more Six Feet Under from the first season with forestcats; she's way ahead of me, nearly finished second season, but I am catching up. We also watched a few episodes of The Tick, which I'd heard of but had never seen. It was campy, like the Batman TV series of the 60s, but much more suggestive, and I couldn't stop watching his antennae. I'm wondering now, what the heck were they for?!?

Finished a few more old comics from The Books of Magic series (#41, 51-53). It's almost like reading a gritty, more realistic Harry Potter, while being nothing at all like it...

Worked at the Urgent Care associated with the Emergency Room at San Antonio Community Hospital for someone who needed coverage. Not a horrible shift, but there were some distressing cases; can't go into it, of course. It still rankles, though, that I see families bringing the whole crowd to the seems like they come for the entertainment value, clogging the waiting rooms...I don't know, I can understand if Grandma is having a heart attack if everyone is anxious and comes with, but if a 9-year-old has a splinter, does it require the presence of aunts, cousins, and his four best friends?

Tuesday turned interesting for us, as we went into Westwood; not our typical stomping grounds. I don't recall the trees being so lush when I went there for undergraduate studies at UCLA; the mystery book store wasn't there either, though I was glad to find it. We went to get the new DVDs directed by Kevin Smith, and to pass out fliers for DM. Those in line were generally well-behaved, the woman flashing her mammary appendages for the camera crew notwithstanding. By 2AM we had visited the new comic store (Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, West Coast edition), picked up the videos and a couple of T-shirts, and had a pleasant interaction with KS and some of his crew. Tiring, standing in line so long, though.
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