September 17th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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Many things to post.

First, I can't believe that on my last post, I forgot to mention going to the opening evening of the L.A. County Fair. It was $1 night, and swamped with people. We went with our friends from Ohio, and met them at the wine pavilion. We proceeded to taste 32 wines amongst us, some wonderful, and some awful. Interestingly enough, I learned that if you go the first night, the wine tasting booth has all the wines. Who'd a thought a that?

Managed to read two old comics from The Dreaming Vertigo series. Not bad, but my coverage of that series is really spotty, and along with The Books of Magic, I expect to be searching for them for a long time to come.

The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, was celebrated with forestcats at a hotel meeting room with our friends. We had a lovely service, attended by over 35, and it was followed by a kosher gourmet meal. Wonderful. Thursday morning service was followed by a very filling sandwich, and honey cake. Yum.

I've been studying a Torah portion for Yom Kippur. Found the sound files online for my section; 5 separate Real Audio files. Then, my sister volunteered some picture files of what the Hebrew looks like, in the Torah scrolls. Unfortunately, the file, though effective, was incomplete, missing about half of the fifth line. OY!

Much video watching lately, including Iron Jawed Angels, and HBO movie about the suffragettes in America. Good piece of work. Also, I watched the last of the Babylon 5 movies, A Call to Arms, which I enjoyed very much. Now, to remain patient until the arrival of the Crusade DVDs will be difficult. I finished the 6th disc of the 1st season of ST:TNG; they were OK, mostly, though they seemed a bit derivative, reminding me of ST:TOS episodes. Saw two episodes of the Jack Benny Show on VHS that've been sitting around the house. I've listened to a few of the old radio shows on cassette tapes, and it was interesting to put a face to some of the voices that I heard on the tapes.

Went out with forestcats to see De-Lovely, which we found to be well-shot, interestingly arranged, and emotional, about Cole Porter, and his life and work. I'd recommend it.

Finally, there will be Dungeonmaster this weekend (Saturday night)! Be there!