September 28th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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Lots of odds and ends:

Read a couple of Vertigo comics recently: The Witching #4 (I think), and Lucifer #54. The latter better than the former, though each had its moments.

Picked up Going Postal, and intend to read it in great heaping gobs. That would be a Terry Pratchett novel, brand new, for the uninitiated.

Watched the last few episodes of ST:TNG Season One, through the miracle of Netflix. I was underwhelmed, though, overall, it wasn't bad. I understand it gets better for the next couple of years worth. Also watched a bit of the 60s version of The Italian Job, and gave it up, as it really sucked in comparison to the remake; didn't finish. Then, it was Star Wars, later known as Episode IV. The pictures are sharper, I think the Greedo scene bites, but the sound is variable, and sounds either mushy or too sharp at differing times.

What's with Bravo network? There was no Queer Eye for the Straight Guy tonight like there's supposed to be....

As to the raccoon(s?) in the trees out not if it fights with our dogs or eats our cats. Thus, begone, foul beast(s?)!