October 2nd, 2004

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first the book:

Might be the book I've enjoyed the most so far this year. I finished Terry Pratchett's new novel Going Postal last night. Loved it. I think it's the best one I've read of his since Small Gods, though you must recognize that I've enjoyed all of his Discworld novels to one degree or another. I'd recommend it, very much.

Watched the new DVD of Star Wars: Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back the other night. There were tiny changes from the enhanced version, that helped a little bit with continuity. The sound was much better in this one than in the DVD for Episode 4. I guess sometime this weekend, I'll have to watch the 6th one.

forestcats looked lovely yesterday in her new wardrobe. I'm looking forward to seeing her in the rest of it.

I've been covering for my boss, who's had some sort of family emergency keeping her in Texas. I, therefore, didn't have my normal time off, which hasn't exactly improved my mood any. I may not be able to attend Dungeonmaster tonight, therefore. If I do, I'm likely to have to go separately from forestcats. Fooey...
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