October 6th, 2004

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Lots of DVDs watched: my cousin came over for dinner, and had never seen Kill Bill Volume 1. He loved it, and it was fun watching the big fight scene in Tokyo again. I also finished watching the Star Wars DVD set. The last of the trilogy turns out well, though I noticed a missing scene or two. I also watched a couple of episodes of ST:TNG season 2.

The crowd from Albuquerque stopped by to store some things here while they vacationed. We spent time chatting after filling part of the garage, and learned a bit more about the youth's continuing saga. In general, it sounds like he may have learned more from his stay here, last summer, than we thought, as he is holding down a job, and aiming towards college.

We had services last weekend at one of the homes of the group, and treated their palm trees as a Sukkot. Lovely time, and they enjoyed having everyone. One couple is refusing to consider starting a new synagogue with our group as core members, but I think that the idea is strong amongst most of the group.
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