October 11th, 2004

Mr. Princess

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Much happened over the weekend; let's start with the books:

First (it was a productive reading weekend, it was) was the Osprey Elite #120: Mounted Archers of the Steppe 600 BC - AD 1300. Interesting material, and it gives me something to work with for my Rolemaster campaign, as they are about to run into a tribe of nomads of this type...

Osprey Fortress #13: Norman Stone Castles (1): The British Isles 1066 - 1216 was next, again, useful material for my game, in that one of the characters is building a keep.

Then, I read Osprey Campaign #64: Nicopolis 1396: The Last Crusade, which deals with the final attempt in the Dark Ages of trying to kick the Muslims out of the Middle East. It failed.

Then, this morning, I finished Thraxas, a mystery novel set in a fantasy setting. Readable, not excellent.

Spent some time Saturday scouting, and Sunday plotting for the upcoming Dungeonmaster Gauntlet, a scavenger hunt that will be held the day before Halloween. Looks exciting. Question is whether I'll be able to get the day off work...

I spent some time yesterday with my father; we got a few pictures printed at Costco, and had lunch at Chili My Soul, a place that serves several different styles of chili as the main menu. Tasty. Several different heats, as well, from 1 for the wimps, to 10 for the brave of heartburn. Apparently, the day yesterday was that of A Taste of Encino, and Ventura Blvd. was closed for a distance, as there were few tasters in the shop. Yum, more for me.

Finally, today may actually be lunafox16's Birthday, though after all the dates that she's posted, it's hard to be certain. If it is, may she have a healthy year to come.
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