October 18th, 2004

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The book:

I finished several days ago another anime book, this one entitled Apocalypse Meow Volume 2, which uses animals to inhabit a Vietnam that never was. Amusing, again.

It's been a heavy work week; I'm tuckered out. Had a lot of admissions to the hospital from Friday night until late Saturday afternoon; nearly didn't make it to Dungeonmaster. Due to the rain, there wasn't exactly a full house, though a number of folks arrived late for the show, to honor Suki who's leaving the cast to join her husband in St. Louis. Best wishes and all luck to them both.

Got a chance to watch a couple of DVDs from Netflix which were part of a series of programs about the history of Chicago, a subject upon which I was not nearly as ignorant as I thought I was; there's a self-test as part of the DVD which I took before each one, and did very well in each. Still, the material was pretty interesting; I'm waiting for the final two shows to bring me up to modern times.
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