October 25th, 2004

Columbia launch

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Busy weekend, even though I was swamped with work, and call.

Friday night services through our splinter group, which I prayed at, but left very early, as I had a number of people to see at.

Saturday, office hours, hospital work, and then off to Torrance, picking up twilyght on the way, to see the play What the Butler Saw directed by one of the actresses from Dungeonmaster. Typical British farce; the set was fantastic, and some of the cast were quite good. Following that was a going-away party for the director, who is joining her husband in St. Louis....

Sunday, hospital work, followed by an afternoon at Disneyland. I was disappointed at how much of the park was closed for renovation. Much of what was open was showing signs of poor, or no maintenance; it made me think of Disney spinning in his grave, or is it his refrigerator?

...and then back to work....
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