October 28th, 2004

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Once again, I start with the book:

I borrowed this one from my father, the book is The Forgotten War: A Pictorial History of World War II in Alaska and Northwestern Canada. It details with extensive photographs the war and its effect on the culture and future of the distant northwest of the North American continent. Interesting to those who really are into WWII history, most likely boring for those not.

Of additional interest is that my friend, the author Patrick Larkin, has released another book, this one set in the Covert-One universe created by Robert Ludlum. The book is called The Lazarus Vendetta, and I'm reading it now....

Read several comics over the last couple of weeks as well. They include Elektra: The Hand #s 1, 2, and 3, which are basically a samurai story. Not bad, not wonderful. Then, there's The Witching #5; it's slightly better than the previous ones, and hangs together a little better, but not that much. I'm undecided on this series; they'd better improve soon. Finally, I read WE3 #2 of 3; I actually felt some true emotion reading this book when the dog/borg pulled a human out of a river saying "GUD BOY"...

On the Netflix front, I watched a retrospective on Beany and Cecil. I used to see the cartoons on The Garfield Goose show out of Chicago on WGN when I was a child in Wisconsin, and I enjoyed them. Didn't understand the adult aspects of them, but enjoyed them anyway. I didn't realize then that there had been a puppet TV series with them, and that the cartoon simply pursued much the same run as the puppetry had done. The DVD showed Bob Clampett's personal works back to home movies from the 1920s; it was a curious thing to see. I didn't watch everything on the DVD, just enough for a bit of nostalgia.

In addition, forestcats and I watched the third of the PBS Chicago series, taking the city to the Columbian Exposition of the late 1890s. Still an interesting piece of work. Very well done.

I'm a bit worn from work, though the good news is that I'm finally off call. And then Saturday is the Dungeonmaster Gauntlet, the final details of which are stabilizing.

The dogs are going nuts because of the rain. They all want to go out into the nice, dry, warm backyard, and there's none of that to be found. Poor critters...
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