November 1st, 2004

Columbia launch

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Busy weekend, but several books fell victim to my ravening eyes:

First of all, there was Lone Wolf and Cub #17: The Will of the Fang. Once again, interesting, but there were portions that caused emotional response. Very good material. Later in the weekend, I also finished Lone Wolf and Cub #18: Twilight of the Kurokuwa. Even better.

Then, in the midst of the Dungeonmaster Gauntlet, I took a bit of time reading two Osprey books, first being Elite #107: Buffalo Soldiers 1866 - 91, and the other being Fortress #14: Fortifications in Wessex c. 800 - 1066. The first was for general interest, as I don't know all that much about the opening of the West, and the Buffalo Soldiers are a bit famous for what they did to fight the American Indians; the latter helps in my Rolemaster campaign, as I learn more about ancient/medieval fortifications.

Speaking of the Gauntlet, it went off rather well. forestcats and I had guessed that it would take far longer than the rest of the cast did, but it's a chaotic system, and things might have gone differently. From the reactions of the folks at the final restaurant, it was very much enjoyed by the 5 teams, and 18 players; the cast dug it too. Bravo!

We needed our rest the next day (yesterday), and although we took the pack to Dog Park, and let them run themselves silly, we spent most of the day just resting. We finished watching the third portion of the PBS series about Chicago's history, which forestcats wanted to finish off, then saw the Clint Eastwood film Pale Rider, which we'd last seen in the theaters way back when, and then during the trick-or-treating, we watched the first Harry Potter film, in honor of the evening. Then, off to bed.

Nice, not being oncall and all.
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