November 4th, 2004

Mr. Princess

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more books:

Lone Wolf and Cub continue to whip past my eyes, including #s 23 - 26.

They are:
Tears of Ice, In These Small Hands, Perhaps in Death, and Struggle in the Dark.

There's only two more left.

This bunch are a strong continuing storyline building up to the last confrontation between the protagonist, and his enemy. I don't expect resolution until the last book. Still enjoying them very much.

I've listened to a fair amount of NPR coverage on the radio yesterday, and heard a lot of sour grapes. There was a radio interview of an editor from The New Yorker who couldn't imagine the mindset of more than 50% of the voters of the US, and why they didn't pay attention to what he and his fellow editors were saying about Bush. I heard other reporters angry that Republicans were rejoicing in their victory. Thus, showing that item I've heard before: media bias. I expect that the shock will lessen soon, and there will be a return to the normal journalistic monitoring of government's actions, but for the moment, shock remains.

Didn't get much sleep last night. I'm oncall, and I got paged about every thirty minutes by some idiot nursing home staff member who kept inputting the wrong phone numbers. Finally got it right about 15 minutes before the alarm went off.

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I guess everyone older is dead?
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So, I looked at my personal data, now that my age meme has got me down-in-the-dumps, and found the following:

Journal Entries: 358

Comments: Posted: 5391 Received: 1555


What does it all mean?

I guess I need to post more entries/day, eh?
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