November 14th, 2004

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The books:

It's been a crazy week, but it's amazing how many books you can read if you are riding on the BART trains! Wow!

I finished the following books last week:

The Mask of Ra by P.C. Doherty, a mystery novel set in ancient Egypt. Interesting, as it's a milieu that I haven't read in before. Reasonably good read, it's the first in a series set in the era; I'll be reading more of them soon.

Then, Apocalypse Meow #3, which must have been released while I was in SF, or just before I left for the trip. This is the final chapter of a manga using animals to symbolize various nationalities set in the Vietnam War. Well-drawn, and worth a quick look.

Finally, I finished Lindsey Davis' latest US release, Scandal Takes a Holiday, a mystery set in Imperial Rome, though not geographically; this one takes place in Ostia, the port down the Tiber from Rome herself. I've enjoyed the entire series; this one didn't disappoint.

While I was there, I visited a comic shop, and managed to find an issue of The Books of Magic that I'd missed (#31), though I forgot to look for a couple of others that I would like to find. It was a reasonably good read, though it never got collected by Vertigo in a TPB.

I also later got and read Ocean #2, the Warren Ellis comic set in a distant future, in which exploration of Europa is being undertaken, and something odd is found. It's a 6-book series, and I'm looking forward to reading it all.

The Bay Area was fun, and the coursework I took while up there had some good pointers to it. I ran into one of my former students; she's now an OB in Ohio, and she was kind enough to thank me for certain things that I'd taught her back in the day. I also ran into 2 of my old professors, one who didn't stop to chat, and one who let me know that he's working on editing a textbook that I'm going to watch out for. I also ran into 3 residents from the two local hospitals that teach D.O. students; and my former employer, who actually acknowledged my presence (amazing). My father has an old friend who I often see at these things, and I bumped into him twice this time; I had to give him Dad's phone number, as he'd lost it. All-in-all, I enjoyed the opportunity to interact with other attendees.

forestcats and I had a chance to have one of the osteopaths review our physical (osteopathic) condition while we were there, and we both benefitted. He taught me some manuevers that I may use on my spouse if she continues to have plantar fasciitis; he also managed to fix a problem I'd been having with my sacrum. Thank goodness.

We ate at a number of nice places; Don Giovanni's near Napa was the best of the lot. We spent a lot of time with my friend, author Patrick Larkin; he and his family were kind enough to let us crash at their home, and we had a good time with them.

Riding around the Napa Valley in the rain wasn't a problem, as it meant that the crowds at the wineries didn't appear. We went to 7 wineries and ended up purchasing 5 bottles of wine, as well as identifying which case we'll buy to use as professional gifts for my colleagues. Tasty. Have you folks out there ever been wine tasting? I may have to discuss what actually happens for the uninitiated.

While driving up and back, we listened to one of the Portable Professor series of lectures that Barnes & Noble has published; $40 for 14 lectures about the Roman Empire, in our case. I found it very interesting, and I may consider pursuing another such when next we plan a long drive.

Nice to be home, though; I sleep better in my own bed. Especially with my puppy snug against my side......
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