November 21st, 2004

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some more books:

Osprey Fortress #26: Afghanistan Cave Complexes 1979 - 2004: Mountain Strongholds of the Mujahideen, Taliban & Al Qaeda: I bought and read this one due to its application to what's going on over there even now.

Then there was Osprey Warrior #58: English Medieval Knight 1300 - 1400 which gives a bit more information about the life of a knight of the period, somewhat useful data for my Rolemaster campaign.

Following that was Osprey Warrior #91: Knight Templar 1120 - 1312, similarly useful.

Then Osprey Warrior #72: Imperial Roman Legionary AD 161 - 284, which, due to my recent study of Roman History, thanks to Barnes & Noble's Portable Professor series of CD lectures, seemed an appropriate piece to read.

All of the above are useful, and usually have some interesting tidbits in them, not to mention color plates that give a solid idea of what things would have looked like, useful for military modelers.

We've spent a bit of time on DVDs this week. I started with O Brother Where Art Thou which had been given me as a gift from my sister; I had really enjoyed it when we saw it at the theater, and which I enjoyed even more this time. I saw some similarities in style to The Ladykillers which I watched recently; I guess it was the same director?

Then I watched Garfield with forestcats, and the feline behavior and mannerisms were very well-done in the CGI, even if the plot was a bit contrived.

It's been a tough week at work, and I'm still oncall until 0700 Tuesday, with much to be done around the house for the upcoming feast. I've been pretty useless by the time I get home, so I'm going to have to really make it up Tuesday. forestcats has been a jewel this week, though, really making me feel ... supported?, loved?, understood? Stuff like that. I'm a lucky fellow.

Yesterday was my one year anniversary at this job. In celebration, forestcats was kind enough to bring some foodstuffs to share with my staff, which they seemed to enjoy mightily. Hooray!
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