November 23rd, 2004

Londo Purple

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Finished a couple more books over the last three days; want to mention them quickly:

First was The Shadow of Saganami, which is a start on a new series in the Honor Harrington universe by David Weber. Rather than follow the adventures of Honor Harrington, his previous primary character, Weber writes about the maiden voyage of a number of midshipmen. The writing is interesting, and he rivets attention, though the overall novel is formulaic, it still affected me emotionally by the end. I've enjoyed the whole series, and I think he made a wise decision to branch off in this fashion.

The second book I finished is Roger Zelazny's To Rule in Amber written by John Gregory Betancourt. This is intended to finish a prequel series that precedes the opening novels of Zelazny's Amber series. I liked the first set of 5 Amber books very well; these prequels have been mildly amusing, but not nearly the same quality as the original 5, but much more readable than the final 5 had been.

I'm coming off call right now; have to go awaken my beloved.

All of you out there, have a good day!
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