December 3rd, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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What a week it's being.


I haven't had much time for things due to too many people in the hospitals. It's distressing.

Before I went oncall, though, forestcats and I had a chance to watch a couple of DVDs via Netflix:

We saw Road to Perdition which I thought was an excellent film, looking at a somewhat familiar topic (organized crime) from a new viewpoint (Irish, rather than Italian, background). Having just watched the PBS material on Chicago History, the geography involved is much clearer than it would have been had I seen this film when it came out. I thought it was beautifully shot. I now have to consider reading the graphic novel it's based on, to see how they changed it for the screen.

We also watched About Schmidt, which we both detested. I'm not exactly sure why I ordered it, and I can't remember why I thought it was a comedy, but at the end, I considered it to be trite crap. So there. I'm glad we didn't use any significant cash to go watch it at the theater.

We also sat and watched the newly released third Harry Potter film on DVD; I really enjoyed watching the kids on the interviews on the second DVD. I still like this one better as a film than the other two, though I think that they are all very good.

I watched another of the ST:TNG season 2 discs; the best of the lot showed a court martial in which they tried to prove whether or not Data could be considered an entity, rather than Star Fleet property. I can see why folks felt that the second season of the show really got the themes going. Another disc has arrived, now it's only a question of "when?".

Message to forestcats who I am missing so much due to work this week: