December 5th, 2004

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Opening the month with another book:

It's that time of the year again; G. Trudeau has published another compilation of Doonesbury cartoon strips. This compilation is called Talk to the Hand!, the cover of which shows the Trudeau "shorthand" for various political characters, since he doesn't do much of a job with portraiture. The material Trudeau puts into his works may or may not be agreeable to any given person's political viewpoints, but it must be said that reading the totality of the strip from its origins at Yale to the present gives an interesting view of the recent history of the US and by extension, the world at large.

Other things not mentioned earlier in the week include finishing a few comics:

The Witching #6, a Vertigo comic, which seems to be jelling a bit better as the team of witches begins to meet.

Elektra: The Hand #4, which isn't.

An Apparat comic written by Warren Ellis that is supposed to imitate the old pulp lines of the 20s and 30s; this one called Frank Ironwine #1; it dealt with detective fiction. I detected hints of Transmetropolitan in it. I enjoyed this very much. My understanding is that this comic, and others expected soon by the same author, are all one-shots, which will each take on a particular subset of the old pulps, and play with a character in comic form.

Finally, there was apparently a promo issue with sampling of these Ellis comics that are coming out, which I also read, and am intrigued by....

The week has been shitty, but the one bright spot has been posted about by forestcats.

You see, our friends, Liz and axelicious have been a couple as long as we've known them, but there's been no "official" indication of long-term standing. Well, for the last several months, axelicious has been doing the necessary groundwork with our joyful assistance. He knew nothing about jewelry, and less about Liz's tastes in same; we sneakily managed to get some information to try to help him find what he needed to know. A few weeks back, I, acting in loco parentis, helped him look at a variety of rings, and helped teach him what there is to know about diamonds and the grading systems. He chose very well. Unfortunately, she found out that he wasn't where he professed to be that night, but luckily, I had a gift we'd chosen for him that allowed him to cover-up what was actually going on. (And I'm sorry that the Arrogant Bastard Beer wasn't very tasty; I hope the glasses are an amusing addition to your kitchenware)

Last night, the two of them hosted their annual Yankee Swap; a gift exchange of massive proportions. If you want details about the swap, ask me later, it's a side detail as far as the main event goes. I handled the numbers, specifically so that axelicious would get the last number....

He rummaged around in the items on the floor, and came up with a small box. He then trades with Liz for the item she had, and slipped the ring on her finger, asking her if she'd marry him in front of over 30 of their closest friends in this part of the world. When she nodded, tearing up, there was a roar of approval from the shocked crowd.

forestcats, using for the first time the video capability of her digital camera, actually managed to get most of this, though we're not certain how good the quality of the sound will be.

Mazel Tov to the two of you!
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