December 20th, 2004

Columbia launch

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A few more things on my mind:

I forgot to post that I had dumped a book; called Death and Thraxas, it was a sequel to Thraxas with which I was minimally impressed. I just couldn't get into it, as it seemed chock full of the same old statements, and the situations just weren't sufficiently different to hold my attention. Both books are going into the used book store pile.

Last night, we started putting up the blue lights; the front is done, but next will come wrapping the trees. The blue light in our frontyard forest always makes the place look magical.

I'm pressuring brushette to post again. There must be something for the puppy to say....

mrsmartian has been the recipient of our gift; see her LJ. I'm so glad she likes it.
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More odd bits and pieces:

forestcats and I took saw and ladder and attacked the advancing edge of our front yard forest, with good effect. There'll be less shade on the sidewalk, but we'll see more of the gutter, as the sweeper will actually clean there. Of course, there is a payback. My right arm hurts like the dickens...

I hadn't mentioned my frustration with respect to Crusade. I had purchased the B5 DVDs from CostCo, at quite a discount, but I was stunned to find that they weren't bothering to carry the follow-up series. Immediately, I was off to Circuit City, where they also weren't planning on carrying it, although their website showed it for sale. I finally ordered it through, and it arrived the last couple of days. I managed to watch the first episode last night.

forestcats and I also a few days ago watched the first episode of the second season of Northern Exposure. For us, this was a new episode, never before seen, and it was brilliant, watching the cast at work. We'll keep working our way into the set, but probably not until after Christmas...
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