December 22nd, 2004

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Read another manga:

Finished Luftwaffe 1946 Pocket Manga #4, which is still horribly disjoint; it's just that the technical drawing is cool, and the ideas that the author promulgates are mildly interesting.

The house is cleaner, and yet a mess, primarily because we're making certain repairs on a few aspects. The downstairs bathroom will look a bit better soon. Certain furniture has been repaired as well. Dishes washed, etc.

There's a hardware store a few blocks away, called Conroy's, which is one of those old-style hardware stores. You can go up to the counter with a screw, and buy only as many as you want, rather than the warehouse store style of buying only from what they have, and in pre-packaged numbers. They're also full-service in other aspects. A cool place, we dropped a few bucks there yesterday, but everything we bought there was up and in place in only a few minutes after returning home. What a feeling of completion!
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