December 30th, 2004

Dead Dog Cat

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Posted this as a response to someone's journal entry; kind of thought it was cool:


I have no action figures on my desk, or in my office.

There is a painted ceramic figure of a young doctor, given me long ago by staff I worked with.

There is a plush doll of Doc from the Seven Dwarves.

There are a number of anatomical models from various drug companies.

There is an acupuncture model that friends got me once (at home, forestcats has an acupuncture model of a horse from the same friends).

There is a University of Wisconsin doll, who, when thrown against a wall, plays the alma mater.

There are a couple of bobble-headed doctors from drug companies or hospitals.

There is a keychain doctor.

There is a plastic model of Snoopy on his doghouse, saying something medical.

There are some small plush animals, knockoffs of those items popular in the 90s, from some of the drug companies.

And then my sister gave me a wolf fetish from the Zunis; I don't really understand why, though my name in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Old English apparently translates to "wolf".

But, there are no action figures.