January 2nd, 2005

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#1 & 2!

I was nearly finished with the first book of the new year, on the 31st, but exhaustion from the workday interfered. Anyway, my first two book of 2005 are:

Homeward Bound by Harry Turtledove. This book follows as the 9th book dealing with an alien invasion of Earth that started in mid-WWII. In general, I've enjoyed the series, but I do find it frustrating, in that he's taking so long to finish it up; this book was due two years ago. In this one, American humans have managed to send out a starship to the homeworld of the alien invaders, and are forcing negotiations. I think the series is worth a look-see, but this is a lesser novel in same.

I've also finished Samurai Executioner #2: Two Bodies, Two Minds; I'm finding this a bit more graphic than the Lone Wolf and Cub mangas I read last year. Interesting read, in any case.

Certain comics came my way as well:

The Witching #7 from Vertigo comics was the first. Eh.

303 #2 was the second, and was interesting, and leaves me wanting to see #3...

Elektra: The Hand #5 seems to have finished this series, leaving me wanting to yawn.

And then, finally, there was Shaolin Cowboy #1, which was an exagerated, obnoxious, gory mess. I liked it.

Since I last posted, I think I've watched a few episodes of Crusade. I can't recall if I'd mentioned that forestcats and I had sat down and watched the extended DVD of LotR:Rotk; we did. Lots of time needed to see that one all the way through.

We were invited to go out last night to a potluck with axelicious and his betrothed, and I managed to actually win a game of darts. Unbelieveable. Nice evening, food was good, company was, too, and we dragged our sorry carcasses all the way back to our home...

I've got to go to work momentarily....
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