January 5th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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Managed to finish most of the paperwork piled up at four local hospitals...thank goodness.

Also managed to find, purchase, and read a comic called Quit City written by Warren Ellis; again, this is an homage to pulp era works. Not bad, not great. What can you say?

I've just seen the article about the RenFaire in Glen Helen being shit-canned. Isn't politics wonderful. The county states that the fair, on public property, needs to upgrade the food prep and bathroom facilities. This, mind you, is in an area little used by anyone else aside from the Blockbuster pavilion. But the county decides that it's the fair that needs to upgrade the facilities. OK, if the RenFaire folks agreed to same in their contracts, then it should be happening; anyway, more stupidity. I wonder if it'll close altogether, or will it shift to another local park?