January 9th, 2005

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Finished two novels during the last few days:

The Horus Killings by P. C. Doherty; this one is a mystery novel set in Ancient Egypt. It's part of a series, and is mostly interesting due to the tone it sets. There are basically three mysteries interwoven fairly well in it.

Myth-Taken Identity by Robert Aspirin and Jody Lynn Nye. This series is tired. Very tired. I nearly skimmed the book because most of the humor of the original novels has been leached away.

I've been ill with bronchitis for the last couple of days, but I seem to be shaking it off.

I had to go to a medical conference on Pain Management; this has been mandated by the California State Legislature, that by the end of 2006, all physicians and allied health professionals (except for radiologists and pathologists) must take 12 hours of pain management coursework. I admit that I learned about 6 nuggets of useful information; for the rest, I already knew, or have been doing exactly that. I'm not sure 12 hours of my time was worth 6 nuggets, but we'll see. The course was held at the Disneyland Hotel; it was surreal watching as 600 doctors were directed to our luncheon by over a dozen Disney characters including Goofy, Gepeto, and Figaro. Also, one of the more boring lectures was made more amusing by a bird who accidentally had been trapped in the ballroom; it was finally led to an outside door, and escaped.

It's still raining here for those not in the LA area. The corral appears to be a lake, at present.

Our friend, Tom, happened to stay with us for the last few days. Unfortunately, he timed it so that I was unable to spend much time with him at all. He has a cousin now living in Orange County, who kept him occupied, for the most part. Tom stood up at our wedding, along with a bad of other miscreants, and we enjoy his company a great deal.

Thanks to vampireanneke who allowed us to watch LOTR: TROTK extended on her parents' huge TV; I'm not sure what type of screen it was.

Looking forward to Dungeonmaster next Saturday night..........
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