January 23rd, 2005

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Puttering around the bedroom, I came upon a pile of Asimov's SF magazines that my sister persuaded me to subscribe to when my nephew's school was having a drive. I had had a subscription in the past, but due to lack of time, I had dropped it; when she asked, I agreed to a year's subscription, but lack of time remained a problem, and I never got around to them. Until yesterday. I decided to read the works of authors that I already knew and liked, as I just haven't got the time. So, I finished short stories from two issues by Mike Resnick, and Allen Steele; I'm presently reading one of three in another issue by Kage Baker, with Allen Steele and Larry Niven to go. I also found the copy of Arrowsmith that I'd been given as a parting gift by another physician when I left Friendly Hills Medical Group about six years ago; I had started the book, but it got buried under various papers; expect me to finish it next month.

Complete exhaustion forced me to admit to forestcats that I'd be pushing myself too much to go to the BBQ that timmy_ritz was putting on; instead, we watched movies. At Ontario Mills, we caught The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou which is a parody of Jacques Cousteau crossed (as noted by my beloved) with The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Through the Eighth Dimension. So tongue-in-cheek! We laughed our way through it, though much of the audience didn't seem to get the jokes... Later, after we ate some delightful dishes whipped up by forestcats, we watched via Netflix/DVD, the classic film Casablanca, which I had never seen in its entirety. A great film; I'm looking forward to seeing a number of old classics in this way.
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