January 26th, 2005

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Various and sundry things:

forestcats and I had a chance to watch some episodes of Northern Exposure on DVD from the second season. The last one we saw was a bit odd, and left an unsatisfactory taste in the mouth, as Dr. Fleischman broke the 4th wall. Hmm.

I dug through and completed reading those Asimov's magazines; they reminded me that I enjoyed the book reviews as well as some of the stories. Still, I'm not interested in continuing this mag, though I'd like to restart Analog, and get the magazines from them that I've missed while the subscription lapsed; I just doubt that I'll get around to it.

forestcats parents have been here overnight. They did some really cool things to the door to the breezeway that will allow the dogs access for potty purposes but the gear is too stiff for the cats to do much with. Oh, and I love my wife.
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Further reflection causes me to write (or my ancient memory was jogged, one or the other):

I finished watching ST:TNG Season 2 the other night. What an improvement over the first season! Lots of characterization, less whiz-bang to no effect, lots of deeper philosophical issues. I liked it!

Can't go home yet; I have one more hospital to deal with...
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