February 2nd, 2005

Dead Dog Cat


Finished another graphic novel before January ended, but I haven't had time to write about it.

I read Samurai Executioner #3: The Hell Stick, which makes me wonder if I'll ever understand the Japanese. Especially the storyline named on the cover.

I've been playing a bit with the Playstation 2, particularly Final Fantasy X. I'm enjoying it, so far, though I've run into a spot where I'm not doing whatever it seems to want.

forestcats and I watched Undisputed a few nights ago, thanks to Netflix, which we specifically watched due to a part played in it by the Dungeonmaster creator, Bruce A. Young. However, usually when we do that, we only bother watching until we've seen him; in this case, the movie was a bit better than that, and we watched it all the way through. Seems to me to be a standard boxing movie, just set in a different environment. forestcats especially got a kick out of the Mafia boss character.

Monday night was taken up by us going to a restaurant only a few blocks from our house, where a goodbye party was being held from my work for a woman who was office manager for a time. The food was acceptable, and the prices were very good. The party was a bit stilted, though. Unfortunately, forestcats has recruited my office staff to get me to the gym more often.

Speaking of which, I've been twice since I last posted. Stationary bicycle, 45 minutes each time. Burned nearly 200 calories each time.

Then, in more upsetting news, brushette managed to get out of the backyard; our mechanic, who borrowed forestcats trailer, tried to return it, failed, and apparently left the gate loose. Sirius didn't wander off, and Barbie didn't even go outside, but Bru wandered off for an hour or so. We found her surrounded by boys in the trailer park a block away. Whew!
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