February 9th, 2005

Mouser tree

#9 & 10

Finished two books recently (over the last 36 hours, that is):

First was Schott's Original Miscellany which I found at a used book store in NoHo; it's an odd book with all sorts of tidbits of information, many of which may occasionally even be useful. It's not exactly meant to be read at a sitting, but I found much of it fascinating.

Secondly, I have a copy of The Rape of Nanking which my father lent me, and which forestcats picked up and read first; I finished it today. We'd heard last year that the author had committed suicide; I'm looking for her other books as well....this one is hard to read. I'm disturbed by two points, both of which are well-taken. One, is the European conceit that WWII started on 9/1/39, when, in fact, in non-European regions, it had already been going on for years (i.e. China vs. Japan). Two, is the fact that the wholesale slaughter of Chinese civilians has been nearly forgotten since the war. I urge folks to read this book, and remember...

After living my life to this point and never having seen a sundog, now, in the last few months, I've seen them thrice. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

Interesting how much I miss forestcats when I'm oncall. I'd much rather be home...
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