February 14th, 2005

cartoon me


Next book is:

The Last Kingdom, another historical novel by Bernard Cornwell. This one is trying to set the tone of England during the Danish invasions in the 800s. Not a bad read, and it tried to show life among the Danish colonist/invaders; it's the first of another series. I like Cornwell, and most of his writings, but this isn't his best work.

To my friends: sorry about the last post; I still haven't learned how to LJ-cut...maybe someday soon.

I'm very pleased that forestcats is happy with her Valentine's Day gift. I know her tootsies get cold on our floors, and this'll keep her feeling better.

We've managed to spend some more time watching DVDs of the Gilmore Girls first season; it's delighting forestcats, and I'm finding them pretty witty.

I've spent a couple more hours over the last three days playing FFX; blew a fight with the cocobo-eating boss, but thought it over, and successfully re-fought it. Cool. I haven't the knack to play the blitzball, though I suspect that I'm going to have to to win the game (Ugh.).

Not much longer oncall; I hate it when I get so worn that I'm counting the hours...
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