February 17th, 2005

gilt from book icons


Finished yet another book:

The Founding Fish is another of these odd books that John McPhee writes that are at best hard to describe. It's like he's writing a long essay generally discussing every aspect he could think of or find about American shad, a fish that inhabits the coastlines and rivers of the US. He manages to do this in an interesting way, and keeps winding up back along the rivers, fishing. I've enjoyed all of his works, this one is just one from the crowd, no better than the others, but it remains interesting throughout.

Both of us at home are feeling ill; I had to dig around under the sink to find some antibiotics that I'd stocked for myself, and in so doing, I found a lot of materials in there to throw out. The undersink area is much more accessible now, while the trash can is vastly more full...

The two of us watched a bit of TV last night; eh.

Still finding Final Fantasy X amusing, though I've run once again into a stop point where nothing is happening. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to just stand there and wait, or if I just haven't bumped into the right thing yet...

Dungeonmaster this weekend; I'm looking forward to it. I may even have a 3-day weekend, if we aren't opening on President's Day....oooooooo! (just looked at the schedule; apparently, we aren't having it off, though I have no complaints since she gave the day off for Christmas Eve, and have a day off for New Year's Eve).
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