February 28th, 2005

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A few more bits and pieces:

Read only one story off of the most recent Asimov's, this being a story by Mike Resnick. I found it hard to read, because it deals with coping with Alzheimer's, and I found it unsatisfying.

Then, I read the next two Infantry comic books; they seem interesting, and they are hanging onto suspense pretty well.

Then, I got a couple of comics from the people who did The Red Star called Assassin; apparently a failure; I've read #0, and am almost finished with #1; that's all she wrote, or so I understand.

Dog park yesterday; the puppies stamina is decreased due to being cooped up so much lately with all the rain. Looks like the forecast is suggesting no rain in the next few days...

Dungeonmaster at the Cascade Convention down by LAX went pretty well; it was well-received by the attendees, and forestcats managed to snag some new black-on-red T-shirts. We managed to sell several, and they will hopefully sell well to the regulars this weekend.

Off to work, then.
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oh, and then

forestcats and I watched a couple of films via Netflix over the last few nights:

First was Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, which my beloved spouse couldn't believe that I'd never seen. Clearly, it's a classic, and I'm very glad that the Library of Congress had it restored.

Next was Quiz Show, a film which made me uncomfortable. forestcats enjoyed it, though.

Finally, Minority Report, which had too many inconsistencies to allow me to comfortably suspend my disbelief. Pity.
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