March 2nd, 2005

Mouser tree

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Let's see.

I finished a couple more comics over the weekend, including the Assassin #1 that I previously mentioned; not bad, not wonderful. Then, apparently there was an uncollected annual done by The Red Star called Run, Makita, Run which I found and read, and as I've said before about The Red Star, it's very Russian, and I liked it.

Haircut yesterday. Oy.

We also made a trade with our mechanic, who also gets used cars, and renovates them, selling them at a profit. He guarantees the equipment for at least a year, with free repairs. Anyway, I'm going to set aside the Nissan, and start driving a Ford Taurus Station Wagon; I need the cargo room, and now I can actually carry passengers if I care to in some comfort. We'll see how this works out. I've already unloaded the Nissan into either the trash, or the Taurus.

I'm off call now. Whew...
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