March 18th, 2005

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Tuesday was a lovely day with my spouse. We opened with us discovering that the Penneysaver ads may only be a bait and switch scheme; a local auto sound and electronics place admitted that they offer systems below cost and then jack up the installation charges. No thanks.

We then visited with our mechanic; he's looking for a horse. forestcats might have a line on one for him (it later turned out to be a bad choice for reasons I'll leave to my beloved to delineated).

Wandering Montclair, I suddenly realized that there was a Monarch butterfly fluttering past my sweetheart; looking back the way it came I was struck by the fact that about a dozen of them were visible, all flying northbound. Watching for the rest of the afternoon, I saw thousands heading north following Central Avenue. Very cool.

My in-laws visited over the last few days, leaving this morning. forestcats worked with them on flooring for our upstairs hallway; it looks fantastic. She had a new circular saw/mitre saw that came in very handy for this. Laser-guided and everything. Little by little the old carpet is disappearing...
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