March 30th, 2005

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Had something of a day with forestcats yesterday. It's nice when I can actually be home; we'd expected I would have to go to a deposition, but that didn't pan out.

We took the dogs to dog park again. Sirius especially was grumpy the whole time; it's not clear why. brushette got into a play chase with a St. Bernard; the big dog collapsed into a panting heap first. The owner was overjoyed at having the dog tired out.

I managed to play a bit of KoL at unwilly's prompting; I now have a 5# angry goat familiar. My character is 4th level; I work out at the clan gym regularly, so I haven't gotten as much random junk as I otherwise might have. It's an odd game, poor graphics, but cute; very tongue-in-cheek.

Now, for a graphic-rich game, with music, and sassiness, I've been playing The Bard's Tale on the PS2. Very cool. I expect I'll be irritating forestcats very soon with it.

Last night's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was in Texas; they were trying to straighten up an Animal House-style frat house (Sigma Chi) at an unidentified Dallas university. Turned out pretty solid, though the sight of a very obese frat brother attempting to exercise with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders was quite humorous.

I've been pretty drowsy the last couple of days. Sleep is overtaking me too much, so I've been trying to be pretty good about hitting the sack.

...and now to be back oncall...
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