April 4th, 2005

Columbia launch


Another book bites the library dust:

Finished We Few, the 4th book of a series by Weber and Ringo, which is a real space opera with interstellar Empires, fleets of space ships carrying fighters and big laser-like weapons, alien intelligences, telepathy, etc, etc, etc. Reminds me of the Traveller games. There's books that I've read that I'm sorry I bothered, there's others that I'm glad I read, but they take me a while. This book is one that is even rarer: it's a book that I honestly couldn't put down. Do yourself a favor, and try the first book of the series, March Upcountry and then enjoy the whole run. Then, you too can gnash your teeth in frustration waiting for the next book of the series in a year...

We finished another DVD, did forestcats and I, of the Gilmore Girls second season, and by IM, mrsmartian is almost tempted to watch a few episodes to see what is stimulating us. Go ahead, it's very witty, and listen carefully, or you'll miss some things.

Dungeonmaster was quite fun this outing, with Chris playing as an audience member as Shepherdman! He's a hoot when he's up, and he was really up this time. Parenthetically, I thought he was fantastic as the leprechaun the show previous, with Buddy unavailable.

Managed to read a comic, Ocean #5. Shades of 2001: A Space Odyssey, with a smattering of that Sean Connery space film, and a bit of even Invasion: Earth possibly. Still, I'm enjoying it, though I think it ends with the next issue.

I had a few minutes to fritter on the PS2, and I've stuck to The Bard's Tale, as it's just too funny to let be. I caused consternation in my spouse when the bard had to kill a horse to get a bell....

In Kingdom of Loathing, an online game into which unwilly pulled me, I've managed to build a bitchin' meatcar with which I can now visit the beach/shore, and have started cooking, making a bat kabobs for starters, to the pleasure of my Muscle score. Gee, I'm talented.

Joined forestcats, brushette, Sirius, and Barbie at a fair at the Dog Park in Upland. Too many canines distressed the pack, and they were exhausted when we all met up later at the house.

I'll be off call in about 12 hours....
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