April 13th, 2005


missed birthdays

As I was away from a computer for a goodly while, I missed three birthdays:

Happy belated, reldruh!

Happy belated, yendi!

Happy belated, megamir!

Sorry I missed the dates, but I hope the day was one of the best for all of you!
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duck from book icons

#22, 23, 24

Over the last week, I've managed to finish three books:

First, was David and Leigh Eddings book The Treasured One, second book of a less than stellar series. Too predictable; the only fun in it is the dialog.

The second book was Exile's Return by Raymond Feist; a solid read with some interesting interdimensional material; it ends in a cliff-hanger.

Finally, a really fast read, Rising Stars: Book 2: Ten Years After, a novelization of a rather good comic series. The comic is good; the novelization fair but readable.

Now that I've got that off my chest, it's on to the comics. The Witching #10 turned out to be the last of the saga, thank goodness, as it wasn't very interesting or well-written in the end. Papa Midnite #3 was much more interesting, with a new viewpoint of race relations...this one is supposed to last another two issues. Finally, Infantry #4 is getting just a little more confusing; I think that it is trying to be so, as it deals with secret organizations and top secret research and other such fripperies. Not as good as I'd hoped.

I'll get into our weekend on another post, later.
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