May 2nd, 2005

Dead Dog Cat


Before the weekend, I finished another book; this one was Once More* *with Footnotes. This is a set of short works by Terry Pratchett of Discworld fame. I found several delightful, and the remainder interesting. Recommended.

Harking backwards several days, my beloved and I watched a couple of Netflixed films. First, was the classic Western Stagecoach which I had never seen. Excellent, with very well done portrayals by all the cast. Later, we watched Ocean's Twelve which is better than Sinatra's Ocean's Eleven, but not as good as the more recent version under the above name. It didn't gel with me, but forestcats seemed to like it.

brushette was feted on Saturday. Many LJers attended, while forestcats did yeoman work in the kitchen, and I stood for about 7 hours by the grill. Much meat passed through 65 hungry gullets with our blessing. I only wish we could have such gatherings more often, but I couldn't manage the strain.

Sunday was set aside for a trip to CalTech's Beckman Auditorium where we watched The Capitol Steps live. We were joined by members of our non-synagogue group, as well as other friends, my parents, and the elder of my sisters. We had a good time, finishing with a meal at Burger Continental, which had first class Mediterranean food.

I still haven't been to seeThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; hopefully tomorrow, my beloved and I can go to the movies and watch two or more of the things on our want-to-see list.