May 21st, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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forestcats deserves major kudos because she threw a "party" at our home last night. Our group of escapees from the synagogue held Friday night services at our house, and due to the heat, we ended up doing them indoors. A BBQ followed, with hot dogs, chicken, and London Broil, all kosher. Success!

Following that, in the winding down time, we finished watching Gilmore Girls Season 2. This is the best thing since Northern Exposure, sure enough.

Via Ebay, I ordered an external Zip drive so that I could access archived MP3s at work for musical background material. Unfortunately, they screwed up the order, but their people responded nicely, and it should be fixed early next week. Now, if only it manages to work on our kludged together hardware...

Ebay has also gotten me a couple of other interesting tidbits. I had one more comic of an old series to find, that would allow me to start reading a large pile of them; on Ebay, it cost a couple of dollars. I've now read The Dreaming #19; it completed a storyline that I'd long since set aside. Now, I've got the rest to read up to #60. Unless they're spectacular, I'll probably just acknowledge having read them. The Dreaming is set in Neil Gaiman's Sandman comicverse, while rarely involving Dream himself, but a number of secondary characters from the saga take their turns.

Finally, Ebay sold me cheaply a DVD copy of Howard the Duck, one of the biggest flops of all time. It never actually came out in a US DVD apparently. It looks like someone copied a DVD from, most likely, Britain. I had no available time to go see it when it was in the theaters, and for some reason, I've always wished I'd had the time. So, sometime soon, I guess.

Dungeonmaster tonight....who's going?
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