May 29th, 2005

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Managed to plow through a number of lesser books over the last few days.

First was Samurai Executioner Book 4: Portrait of Death. More interesting insights into Japanese culture.

Next, I read Osprey Campaign #94: Orleans 1429: France Turns the Tide, which dealt with Joan of Arc, and her military campaign.

Then, Osprey Fortress #22: Mycenaean Citadels c. 1350 - 1200 BC, which continues to teach me bits and pieces about the construction of military fortifications, which I hope to use in my gaming activities, when and if they ever restart.

Plowed my way through another DVD of ST:TNG which was pretty standard stuff. Nothing that really stood out in my mind. I followed that by watching the abysmal film Windtalkers. Some military films give a real feeling to them, some are too melodramatic. Some just suck. This one files under the last term.

I was persuaded by forestcats to go to Enigmacon yesterday, a little SF/gaming convention put on by the Enigma group at UCLA occasionally. We passed out flyers for Dungeonmaster, and chatted with folks. forestcats had a cool interaction with Walter Koenig of ST:TOS and B5 fame. Ask her about it, it's a great story. We heard JMS speak about B5 and a little bit about Jeremiah, which I've never seen. And Harlan Ellison put in a few cents worth. All-in-all a pretty cool time. We then spent a little time wandering around Westwood, my collegiate stomping grounds. *sigh*

A few days back, I was reading emails on one of my names, when I came upon one from NationStates. I've "played" this online game ( for a while as the country Lungwallabad, but never really got deeply into it, as I have limited time, and it really wasn't sparking me. About six weeks ago, I got royally screwed by the leader of my country's region, and I'd more or less stopped paying it much attention. I was shocked to be told that I was on the verge of becoming the new Delegate for my region, but I had to make myself evident. Much online activity followed. At just past the last possible moment, the soon-to-be-displaced leader kicked me out of the region, but the system had cycled, and I was (for the next 8 hours or so) United Nations Delegate for The North Pacific region. I didn't do much with the position, and was pretty rapidly overtaken by another nation, but it was a curious feeling, having managed to finally do something with the game.

On the comic front, I'm now through #54 of The Dreaming and still enjoying them. I have to wonder if the quality fails in the next several, as it ends at #60...
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