June 11th, 2005

Dead Dog Cat

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I finished several manga, and another book over the last few days.

The first was Blade of the Immortal: Cry of the Worm. Later it was followed by Blade of the Immortal: Dreamsong, and Blade of the Immortal: On Silent Wings. Although I'm not impressed with the artwork, I find the interpersonal, and motivational material interesting. I admit to liking other works I've discussed here better, though.

In addition, I read Osprey Campaign #111: Isandlwana 1879: The Great Zulu Victory. As with other Osprey books, it's chock full of material on the period, and the politics, as well as the military matters. Lots of photographic material supplements it. I'd say that a person would have to have a pretty deep interest in the topic to enjoy this book.

I've been slowly loading material into the new computer. I'm finding that some of the software that I planned on keeping just won't work in this new OS (Windows XP). All the more reason to keep the old machine running. After getting my PDA synchronized with all its bells and whistles to this computer, I played some Fallout on the old one. I know that I really dug that game, back a few years, but in comparison with other games on either computer, it falls way behind. Progress marches on.

I'm on major call all weekend again; something like the third time in 7 weeks. Mostly, it's due to trading with other doctors who needed the time off; it means that later in the year, I won't have to be on major call for extended periods of time. Huzzah! However, it's tiring now.