June 13th, 2005

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Finished up another manga book yesterday:

Blade of the Immortal: On Silent Wings II was once again not really that good as far as art, but I found it interesting psychologically. I may yet read some more of the series.

I also picked up #1 of a new comic; done by the creative team who did Abadazad, which was good, but the publishing company went under. This comic is called The Stardust Kid, and I liked the opening. We'll see how it pans out.

forestcats and I stayed up late Saturday night watching everything on the latest Netflix-sent DVD from the 3rd season Gilmore Girls show. I still find them witty, though one of the episodes was a bit disturbing, as the characters acted in ways that were mildly unexpected.

Then, having watched Swordfish recently, I felt the need to watch Dog Day Afternoon. You may recall John Travolta's character in the former movie spends some time puffing on a cigar, and jabbering about the film. I hadn't seen it, so I felt the need to watch it and get the idea. I'm not sure how to feel about it, not having seen it at the time. I suspect that it had something of a formative effect on future crime films, but I can't really say. Not really my typical genre. Having watched it, now, though, I can see where they get some aspects of Swordfish, just far better planned.

...and now, back to work.
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OK, you know how sometimes, when you have time, you Google, and you look up your own name, and then other people's names, just to see what you can find?

I Google me, and most of what shows up isn't me at all, but William S. Paley, the former Chairman of the Board of CBS. However, some items pop up because of gaming things I did a couple of decades ago.

Then, I start looking people up. There's one or two who I usually look for, because I'd really like to find them. I realized recently that there were other folks who I'd lost touch with that I was interested in finding out what I could about them. So, I pondered, and today, I looked.

Many, I couldn't find. One of forestcats classmates is now on the teaching faculty at UC Davis Vet school. Cool. One of my old osteopathic classmates didn't show up exactly, but somebody with the same name is all over model airplane clubs in Arizona...I suspect that is him, with nothing to prove it. Then, I looked for one of the only people that I could connect with in terms of conversation in my med school class, and I found him, all right, in an Eastern state....he'd lost his medical license due to improper behavior with several female patients! I was shocked. This isn't the kind of behavior I'd seen from him in med school. I've been stunned the rest of the day....
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